The FARMŸNG project is expected to produce several ground-breaking results and innovative products. The main objectives of the project are:

  • To build a fully automated industrial vertical plant for insect-ingredients production, called ΫnFarmTM, able to produce 20 000 tons of proteins per year
  • To demonstrate at large scale a first-of-its-kind bio-based value chain producing a wide range of sustainable products from insects: protein meal (and ΫnHealthTM), oil (ΫnOilTM) and organic fertilizer (ΫnFrassTM)
  • To satisfy fish-feed, pet food and fertilizer markets demand, demonstrating the quality, purity and safety of the end-products in full conformity with the EU regulations
  • To ensure the sustainability of the Industrial Plant the FARMŸNG project will taking into account environmental, social and economic dimensions to determine the impacts of the whole process, from the feedstock supply to the final products


The FARMŸNG Consortium comprises 19> partners from 8 countries with strong multidisciplinary competences required for carrying out the work plan and match project objectives.