What is FARMŸNG?

FARMŸNG will build a large-scale vertical farming plant producing sustainable, safe and premium products for fertilizer, petfood & fishfood from an innovative origin: the Tenebrio molitor.

FARMŸNG is a project funded by the Bio-Based Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) under the Research and Innovation Framework Programme H2020 (link of the BBI JU website). The consortium included 20 key-players spanning the evry link of the value chain (link to the consortium page).

Why choosing the breeding of Tenebrio Molitor?

The Tenebrio Molitor is the larvae stage of the darkling beetle. These super-mealworms are the best insect to breed because :

  • The breeding is inexpensive and very easy to raise. The Tenebrio Molitor requires few resources: dark, heat and humidity.
  • The Tenebrio Molitor has a protein-rich composition with real nutritional and health benefits to animals and plants.

How can we stay informed about the progress of the project?

FARMŸNG has been launched in June 2019, to keep inform of the plant construction, progress on the project technology and their results, you can :

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How can we contact you?

We can keep in touch us by email :

  • For all request regarding the communication (articles, interviews, participation to events…) : communication@farmyng.eu
  • For all request regarding the project (partnership, collaboration, more information…) : coordination@farmyng.eu


The FARMŸNG Consortium comprises 19> partners from 8 countries with strong multidisciplinary competences required for carrying out the work plan and match project objectives.