The key outcomes of the FARMŸNG project and the impacts beyond the end of the project include:

  • To offer a successful and inspirational Flagship example for European’s bio-based economy, demonstrating the techno-economic viability of the first full-scale industrial plant for the production of sustainable and alternative-sourced proteins
  • To establish new bio-based value chains from agriculture by-products to the production of fish feed and pet food products and, in parallel, to valorise insect manure the organic fertilizer production
  • To develop new consumer products, based on insect proteins, for pet food and fish feed applications, that fully meet market requirements
  • To drastically reduce the carbon footprint greenhouse gas (GHG) and NH3 emissions associated to the the production of animal proteins
  • To avoid 800 000 tons of fresh fish catch per year, by partly replacing fish meal with the use of mealworm meal for animal feed purpose
  • To generate around €1 billion of revenues, creating then also significant financial value for the European Member States
  • To create more than 1200 total new direct and indirect jobs along the new value chains


The FARMŸNG Consortium comprises 19> partners from 8 countries with strong multidisciplinary competences required for carrying out the work plan and match project objectives.