Quality control and analysis for feed and food ingredients: A CLIB, HiPerIn2.0 & FARMŸNG Forum Event

  • date 30/06/2022 30/06/2022
  • time at 14:00
  • location Digital

Establishing and meeting quality control criteria for novel products which are destined for the feed and food value chains is a challenge. Companies need to identify which process streams and products they need to certify, in order to comply with existing regulation. Not always are suitable quality control protocols in place, or certified. In these cases, academic and industrial research is still necessary.

How can producers analyse their own side streams and certify them for feed & food use? Which species are present in new novel insect-based products? Which certifications and labels are essential and how do they impact the bio-based sector, especially in industrial biotechnology? How can novel, high-performance ingredients be introduced into the market?

This event will showcase the results obtained by the FARMŸNG project partners eurofins and CRA Wallonie.

Speakers confirmed:

  • Quality control of insect-based products: Anne-Cécile Laplaize, eurofins (FARMŸNG project partner)
  • Authentication of insect-based products: Frédéric Debode, CRA-W (FARMŸNG project partner)

An updated agenda will follow.

Participation is free, register now at the following link: https://www.clib-cluster.de/en/veranstaltung/quality-control-and-analysis-for-feed-and-food-ingredients-a-clib-farmyng-forum-event/